Numbers for the Pessimist

My RAM is in critical condition

I have 488 MB left

Consider me dead for today

And maybe tomorrow too

Like an earthworm shriveled up in the sun

She forgot to apply SPF 50++++

n+1, n-1

What does it matter?

This depression reminds me of the depression I had a week earlier

And another depression last year



How do you approach the impossibility of tan90 degrees?

You can’t divide one by nothing

My little brother drew an “8” in the sand

One egg stacked on top another

Shift it 90 degrees clockwise/anticlockwise

Then infinity, or nothing shall be born

To believe in nihilism 

All you have to do is to put two together

On the 8th day of his birth Jesus was circumcised

On the 8th day of entering Jerusalem Jesus arose from his tomb


First Snow

I have waited patiently,
Since tomorrow is only a day
Longer than eternity.

I do not mind that my petulant, impulsive body
Is drenched in ether,
Burning in a field of ice,
As long as it crystallizes, dissolves, evaporates.

Refrigerate the left-over consciousness.
Keep it fresh
With deep, controlled breaths
And wait, wait, wait
To be trampled upon.